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Article What is The Proxy Mart guarantee?
We guarantee that the proxies will work for your purpose. You may wonder how we ensure this....
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Article I like your offers. How do I order?
Placing an order is simple.Direct Links to order the proxies are mentioned below: Private HTTP...
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Article Are these HTTP, HTTPs or Socks Proxies?
Both private proxies and shared proxies support HTTP as well as HTTPs protocols. They do not...
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Article What is the set up time?
All orders for HTTP proxies are processed automatically and should take upto 15 mins to be...
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Article Can I get an ID & password authentication instead of IP authentication?
No. As a policy we do not allow username & password authentication. We allow adding upto 10...
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Article Can these be used to email?
Yes, you can webmail (SMTP is blocked) with private HTTP proxies. We do not allow anykind of...
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Article What if my Access IP changes?
Simply change it on the system by logging into your client area (Services>>Details) and...
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Article How many IPs can I add (whitelist)?
We allow upto 10 IPs to be whitelisted or added in the system for free. Please note we do not...
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Article Can I use these with my application/bot/software?
Yes. These can be used with any application/software/bot that accepts HTTP/HTTPS proxies. If you...
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Article Can I get a proxy from a certain state/city?
No. However, do send us your request and we would try to meet your requirements. Allocations...
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Article Do you offer any free trials?
No, we do not offer free trials for private as well as shared http proxies. However, we do...
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Article Are your proxies virgin (fresh, never used before)?
We often provide fresh, never used before proxies. We also keep adding new blocks and subnets...
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Article What forms of payments do you accept?
Paypal, Liberty Reserve, Payza and Moneybookers. We try to add as many payment processor as we...
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Article What is you refund policy?
It is highly unlikely for you to ask for a refund. Our trained support and friendly billing will...
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Article What is the difference between dedicated and shared proxies?
In one sentence, dedicated or Private HTTP/s Proxies are exclusive to you and shared HTTP/s...
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