How to add a proxy in Mozilla Firefox?

Follow the steps below to add or edit a proxy in firefox:
  1. Click on Options (Found on the Tools Menu or the Firefox Icon at the top left hand corner)
  2. Click on Network Tab under Advanced Category.
  3. Click on Settings under Connection Section.
  4. Check Manual proxy configuration.
  5. Enter proxy server IP address and port number under HTTP Proxy.
  6. Depends on the proxies you are using:
    1. If you are using our Shared proxies or Private proxies it is a good idea to keep the Use this proxy for all protocols checked.
    2. If you are using SOCKS gateways (The Platinum League) you should unselect Use this proxy for all protocols and delete fields under all protocols (including HTTP Proxy) except SOCKS Host.
  7. Click Ok to exit to firefox tab.
  8. Visit our My IP page to verify that your IP has been changed.

Some more helpful articles from Mozilla:

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